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Image by Edz Norton

Maria G.

Service: Intuitive Guidance~ Aug.2020 

"Alexa is amazing! I had never had an Intuitive Guidance reading before and didn't know what to expect, but I was blown away! Her intuition and insight were spot on. She delivered a clear, vivid and detailed message that resonated with me. Not only was it accurate but also empowering. She is truly gifted and I am so grateful to have met her Aug. 2020! 

Pink Marble
Image by Edz Norton

Silicia J.

Service: Intuitive Guidance

Dec. 2022

"In a nutshell, what you will get with Lexa Tarot's Intuitive Reading is a spot-on, encouraging and deeply empowering reading, filled with practical advice.  Lexa is a generous and passionate soul that is well-versed on many spiritual matters.  Her reading is conducted in an environment that is safe online, uplifting, well-organized and highly instructional.


I received the 1 ½ hour "Spiritual" Intuitive Reading.  I have never had an intuitive/psychic reading done before. I also did not provide Lexa Tarot with any information about myself before the reading.  Prior to the reading, I wrote down the 3 major issues I was struggling with.  I told myself that I would be satisfied if at least one issue was mentioned during the reading.  Surprisingly, the reading focused primarily on those 3 issues.  I walked away from the reading feeling very loved and supported.  She only permits positive light beings to offer guidance to you.  Lexa also informs you of every single activity she will be doing in the reading so that you are prepared and feel safe.  Lexa goes to great lengths to make every second of the reading all about you - engaging only your guides and speaking only about you and your concerns.  Not only did Lexa create such a nurturing space, but doing this reading, I got an opportunity to hear directly from my invisible team and feel their loving support.  The reading made me feel uplifted, supported and so optimistic about the future!

Pink Marble
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Sandra P.

Service: Intuitive Guidance      April 2021

"Meeting with Alexa in April 2021 was a wonderful turning point. From the first moment of our contact I knew the Intuitive Guidance messages coming through her were from a place that was higher than anything usual or typical. Her intuitions confirmed and strengthened my own, plus I received guidance from someone I loved who'd passed over, messages that only THAT dear one could send. Not only that, I was blessed with concrete advice for making my current and future life fulfilling and bountiful. Alexa is a rare treasure.

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