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Maria G.

Service: Intuitive Guidance~ Aug.2020 

Alexa is amazing! I had never had an Intuitive Guidance reading before and didn't know what to expect, but I was blown away! Her intuition and insight were spot on. She delivered a clear, vivid and detailed message that resonated with me. Not only was it accurate but also empowering. She is truly gifted and I am so grateful to have met her Aug. 2020! 



Service: Full Body Reiki

Oct. 2020

I'm a believer of Reiki now! I never heard about it but I came across Alexa's services in Oct. 2020 and figured I'd give it a try for my chronic lower back pain. First treatment I felt tingling along some areas on my body and I felt some improvement so I booked a package of Reiki sessions.  After several appointments, I realized  my back pain was easing and I complained about it less. She was also able to somehow notice the "energy center" between my forehead wasn't as "strong". Alexa was accurate in her intuition on that spot. I let her know afterwards that I suffer from sinus infections. I was amazed at how she was able to sense an area was "off balance" energy wise even when I hadn't mentioned it. Thanks, Alexa! 

Lexa Tarot (1).jpg

Sandra P.

Service: Intuitive Guidance      April 2021

Meeting with Alexa in April 2021 was a wonderful turning point. From the first moment of our contact I knew the Intuitive Guidance messages coming through her were from a place that was higher than anything usual or typical. Her intuitions confirmed and strengthened my own, plus I received guidance from someone I loved who'd passed over, messages that only THAT dear one could send. Not only that, I was blessed with concrete advice for making my current and future life fulfilling and bountiful. Alexa is a rare treasure.